8 Jul 2016

Enter the Internet

This is my first article I did for A Fashion Friend, before I got accepted to do an internship for them this year. This is the only one (of all my articles that I did for them) that didn't get published on their site but I thought it deserved some exposure, so here it is. Have a look at it, check out the links and spread the love.

Young FaniSun

Fani Segerman is the daughter of the man who found Rodriguez but that is not what this internet sensation is famed for in the city of Cape Town.

Meet Young FaniSun, the model/stylist who studies psychology during the day, works on her fashion label at night and is proudly obsessed with the internet. She has a style that’s worth celebrating and a work ethic that is quite intimidating.

Photographer: DulanCulhane
Model: YoungFainSun

In 2010, Fani and her two best friends, Na’ama Tsalik and Isaline Goemaere started their own blog-slash-second-hand-label called Crazy White Bitches. They had an extremely huge response and soon started road tripping around South Africa, sourcing crazy, 90’s, 80’s, and retro clothing, shoes and accessories, which they would sell at The Waiting Room. These sales were more like parties than actual sales, where the girls usually ended up dancing on all their stock and encouraging men to try on their extensive selection of swimming costumes.

Crazy White Bitches is more than just a blog, though. It is a platform where the girls share all their weird and wonderful obsessions, pushing the boundaries and re-inventing the nostalgic. They aim to showcase the incredible styles and art coming out of South Africa and attempt to provide a platform for others to express themselves more confidently.

Since then Young FaniSun started her own fashion label called Magic, dabbled a bit in DJing and she was even the face of MrPrice for a while. She was featured on one of the billboards for Scar and was also used as a hair model for them for a while.

Fani is currently employed under My Friend Ned as a scout-slash-general-brand-manager-slash-producer but she’s also a casting director at Scout’s Honour.

On top of all that, Young FaniSun is also a part-time stylist for TV commercials and stills; however, she says she could never be a full-time stylist as the industry here is just too small and limiting for her. Basically, she couldn’t choose one career path, so she seems to have chosen all of them.It is obvious that Young FaniSun is no slacker. From her distinctive bowl haircut to her irreverent dress sense, all the way down to her unique tattoos, it is clear that Fani Segerman can not be placed in a box and labelled. She is a one-of-a-kind, Cape Town original.

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